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marco colombo

Accounting firm in Rescaldina, between Legnano, Busto Arsizio and Saronno

Marco Colombo is a Certified Public Accountant and Auditor with offices in Rescaldina, a town in the province of Milan, between Legnano, Busto Arsizio and Saronno, Varese province. In addition to boasting an excellent background related to every area of operation that pertains to his profession, Dr. Marco Colombo has always trained himself, constantly refining his experiences, to offer clients services that go far beyond accounting and various day-to-day administrative activities.

Thanks to a very rigorous professional approach and constant updating at the legal level, Dr. Marco Colombo guarantees absolutely comprehensive support to entrepreneurs running companies of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to large enterprises, as well as from the company operating at the local level to the international level, providing total assistance aimed at business improvement.

Dr. Marco Colombo’s consultations are also aimed at startups, i.e., entrepreneurs who wish to start a new business: in this case, the service will also include valuable advice on investment management and on choosing the characteristics of the company to be formed, such as the company name.

Individuals, of course, can also avail themselves of Dr. Marco Colombo’s invaluable support, both for simpler tasks, such as completing and filing annual tax returns, and for more complex needs, such as tax and contractual management of rental properties.

For every need, therefore, the firm of accountant in Rescaldina Dr. Marco Colombo can provide impeccable ad hoc services, providing completely autonomously for any kind of fulfillment.


OUR main services:

Business consulting of all kinds

Processing of ordinary or simplified accounting, as well as accounting for professionals

Simplified accounting for particular businesses (agritourisms, fish farms...) and for particular professionals (farmers, fishermen...)

Drafting of EU budgets

Filing of tax returns of all types

Appraisals and evaluations of companies

Drafting Intrastat forms

Contractual and fiscal management of rented or leased properties




Certified Public Accountant